What is the “Kawaii Fund”?


Kawaii Fund is a fundraising campaign organized by Kawaii Philippines for kawaii culture enthusiasts.

It aims to gather resources that would help the organization materialize proposed events that wish to promote and empower individuals through the kawaii way of life. In line with Kawaii Philippines’ mission of promoting kawaii culture as a way of life, Kawaii Fund serves as a tool in making kawaii possible through fundraising projects and workshops.

Help us put the “fun” in funds so together, we can make kawaii happen.


  1. Generate funds needed to actualize more kawaii-themed events and gatherings in the Philippines; this includes the next dream kawaii convention: Kawaii in Manila 3 / Kawaii in Asia
  2. Gather more people to become part of the uplifting kawaii community in the Philippines
  3. Raise funds to support other organizations’ causes and advocacies
  4. Empower everyone through the kawaii way of life


  1. To promote the kawaii culture through various kawaii empowerment talks and workshops so that the youth will become more appreciative of the kawaii lifestyle
  2. To help individuals and communities through “Kawaii for a Cause
  3. To have the general public understand that the kawaii way of life can be aspirational and inspirational for all people from different walks of life
  4. To tie up with different organizations and get help from sponsors in organizing for a cause events


  • Shirt Selling
  • Pledges (soon)
  • Kawaii PH Book (soon)
  • Kawaii workshops with kawaii senseis (Summer 2015)
  • Kawaii Fund Promotional Video – to entice target/community in contributing to make Kawaii in Manila 3 possible. (Summer 2015)
  • Collaboration with Artists (Art for a Cause) – Collaborate with artists and have their artworks sold. All proceeds will go to Kawaii Fund. In exchange, artists who participated will get to exhibit their works or sell their art in Kawaii in Manila 3.