Mabuhay! Welcome to : )

20 Feb

Hello everyone! こんにちは皆さん!

My name is Kaila Ocampo, and I am the team leader of Kawaii Philippines. On behalf of our humble community & hard-working Kawaii PH team, I would like to welcome you to, the official website of Kawaii Philippines’ fundraising campaign for kawaii culture enthusiasts. This is a product of our collective effort, and thank you for witnessing another grand dream with us.


Before anything else, I would like to share with you how Kawaii Philippines started from scratch and maybe some narration / trivia of our advocacy. And yes, we are not just some organization pleading for money or pledges for vested interests. This is our passion, and we have a purpose WHY we choose to share kawaii in such manner.

Last April 2013, I was appointed to represent the Philippines to be the “Kawaii Leader” by Kawaii International program (aired in NHK World). I was a girl who didn’t have confidence or who had a lot of insecurities, until I began to change the way I see things and incorporate positivity and kawaii together. I used to think that in order to be “kawaii”, I must have the dolly features & pretty frilly clothes. Until I realized that “looking cute” means more than that. Who wants to meet or become a kawaii girl who does not have a kawaii personality too? Please do not get me wrong though. There is nothing wrong with loving pretty stuff, make-up and dresses. It is just that one also needs to strive to be pretty inside as well.

Moreover, I’ve seen the “not-so-good side” of this “kawaii boom”. Big people just want eyeballs, likes.. for what? For money & recognition? And not everyone is being treated fairly. I have observed that some management companies / producers just use cute naive girls to drive fans, social media likers (instilling a sense of “I will make you popular” mentality, which makes me sick.. and sometimes they don’t even compensate these kawaii girls accordingly), and whatnots to promote products and make cash. That is quite saddening, really.

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