November & December Kawaii PH Events

20 Dec

We would like to thank the entire Kawaii Philippines community for supporting our previous events, Winter Wonderland Year End Party and Halloween Costume Party!

kph year end party poster-10

winter wonderland

Kawaii PH Message Board

Thank you for these cheerful messages!

Play Learn and Serve

Photo from Play, Learn & Serve facebook page.

Thank you to the generous sponsors of these supplies!

kph year end party poster-08

To everyone who donated, thank you so much for sharing your blessings with others!

kawaii ph halloween party

DSCF9200_kawaii-ph-halloween DSCF9234_kawaii-ph-halloween DSCF9314_kawaii-ph-halloween



Cheers to more Kawaii PH events! The Kawaii PH team wouldn’t able to organize such events if it weren’t for all the help, contributions, and support from the entire community. Thank you and great job to everybody!

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